Our Projects

We dedicate ourselves to supporting children through a sponsorship scheme and by carrying out crucial projects to support their communities. The work we do is holistic as the issues that households face are complex and cannot be dealt with in isolation. They are social, academic, emotional, physical, economic and spiritual in nature.

At present we are supporting over 140 children from 62 families. 132 children go to boarding schools – only 8 are in local schools because they are HIV Positive and are young and need domestic special care.

  • We provide easy access to clean water by providing / building community boreholes, building water tanks.
  • We train communities in environmental conservation and climatic change as a means to sustain their environment.

“We partner with churches and other local leaders to make sure the children’s land is protected.”

Martin Duhimbaze

We are currently conducting various activities ranging from supporting children with school fees & scholastic materials, building and making renovations of houses, through to medical care and support for simple micro-finance projects such as water and sanitation.

Ever since we distributed water filters to those we serve, our children and guardians do not have water borne diseases anymore and typhoid went. It also saves a lot of time and resources our families would use to boil water.

Tailoring & Wood working Training Center

Soon we will open a tailoring & wood working training center, many are now waiting to be given skills.

We have built a Bridge in Bugangari Sub-County

The Emily Collins School

We are delighted to have begun building our own school and community centre place built on prayer, where children can grow academically, emotionally and spiritually, secure in a loving environment. It is located in the rural area of Gatovu Village in the Kisoro district, where the only schools are many miles away. School fees are continuing to escalate so we will operate as not-for-profit; it will be open to local children, whose fees will support the attendance of children in our ministry. We will use the centre to run training in family income generating activities, provide counselling and physical aid, offer kindergarten care and treatment for abandoned infants and a day care psychosocial support for street children.

The initial passion behind Our Father’s House Ministries was set ablaze from a little flame into a wild fire by one young English lady, Emily Collins, whom the Director met on a trip to Uganda. Emily’s advocacy and love has led to the sponsorship of many children and subsequent growth of our work. Emily is very sadly no longer with us but her love to serve humanity was never drowned and she lives on in our community. We have dedicated this child ministry centre to Emily where her influence lives on.

Progress on the Emily Collins School

We thank you for your Donations towards this project

We make African crafts to uplift our families and all these are handmade.

We give goats and pigs to those we serve. A careful study has shown that these animals have long term self-sustaining effects, improving a family’s financial security and access to nutritive food.

Since these animals produce offspring, we encourage recipients of the piglets and goats to give offspring to another family in need and the family that receives it is expected to observe the same process in a cycle of giving.

Goat and pig manure fertilises gardens providing other essential nutrients; plants grown to feed the goats also reduce soil erosion and help improve small farm production.

Achievements of Our Father’s House Ministries

  • We have built a bridge that connects three villages in Bugangari.
  • We support families to make handmade African crafts to uplift their incomes.
  • Built 12 latrines for 12 homes.
  • Built 6 water tanks and given 56 water filters.
  • Health screened all children and treated all those found ill.
  • Given plastic water tanks to families to help harvest rainwater.
  • Provided 68 goats and 63 piglets to different individual homes.
  • Bought half an acre of land and are now keeping pigs, cows and growing food crops; this acts as income and food security and so far 63 families have received piglets.
  • Provided food to those families without land to grow crops, especially during drought season; we have also hired land for some families to plant their own crops.
  • Formed a Virden saving scheme in the areas of Bugangari, Kitazigurukwa and Rukungiri Municipality.
  • Provided bibles to 108 individual children.
  • Bought and given wheelchairs to two disabled individuals – one to a girl called Bobby who was born disabled and was sadly abandoned by her parents.
  • Helped 2 people who had mental illness and tied in chains for many years; Aphia (24) had been tied in shackles for 12 years, Reagan was tied up with rope for 6 years. They are now free and healed in Jesus name. We thank Kisiizi mental Hospital for the good work they did.

Aphia (age 24) had been tied up in shackles for over a decade because she was mentally ill. She had been raped at the age of 12 by a gang of men, which infected her with AIDS and she became pregnant giving birth to an HIV positive girl. We rescued Aphia from her chains, taking her to a mental hospital where she received counselling and is now healed in Jesus name. Aphia now makes baskets for a living and we sponsor her little girl.

Sponsor a Child

Every child is precious to God.

His desire is for each child to grow up in a safe, caring environment, blessed with an education where they can learn that they matter, they belong, and they have potential. Our Father’s House Ministries provides a sponsorship scheme to help others step in and care for vulnerable children, to be a family for them and to help them escape the suffering of poverty.

Donate today

We are extremely grateful for all physical aid offered to us. If you would like to donate in this way please contact us using the below details.

PO Box 392, Rukungiri, Uganda.

+256-776 216979

Quick £10 Donation

A £10 donation will go a long way to support these children with their physical and spiritual needs. We thank you very much for your support.


God Bless You and thank you for your support.

Please join hands to create lasting impacts.